Thursday, January 12, 2012

downtown thrifting

google maps says portland has 4 thrift stores on congress street.  ...i found 3.  the 4th i think may have been replaced by a ski shop.  regardless... it was 30 degrees and blustery.  last dry day before the snow that started at 5am and has just begun to let up.  thus... i wore jeans, a leather jacket, and flipflops.  even the homeless people were giving me weird looks.  back off.  i hate wearing shoes.
rather gaudy sweater clips.  i hope to wear them soon
and who doesnt need a silver-tone kitty brooch?  complete with weird hangy crystal thing. 

purple wool skirt that i may leave at its original length?  below knee?  can i do it??
another longish wool skirt [plaid not blurry] that is a wee bit tight but im not fully sold on hacking the waistband off like i usually do.  its very 40's all high waisted like that.
and everyones favorite... secret pants!  these were in the $1.99 bin and i thought "ooh paisley skirt".  negative.  paisley palazzo pants.  gee.  wonder why they got donated.. 
but this great pleated print couldnt go ignored, and thus far i have unpicked the entire elastic [size small..] waistband and am cutting apart the legs in order to make it a maxi skirt. 
frank snuggled, frank approved

linking up to spunky chateau's thursdays are for thrifters


  1. That sweater clip is adorable! I love the idea of it, and have been keeping an eye out for a similar one at thrift stores. It seems very Emma Pillsbury (in Glee) to me.

  2. love emma's wardrobe! but its a just a bit too girly, even for me. i can do halves... like a sweater and pants, or a floofy skirt with a plain top.

  3. I definitely think you can keep the wool skirts below knee length. They're really classic and you can't go wrong with them! Thanks for linking up at Thursdays are for Thrifters!

  4. i already cut off the smaller print plaid. its just at knee-cap length now. before it was midi-length. i'll prob keep the other one as is!


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