Thursday, January 5, 2012

find frank

like the fluffy evil version of where's waldo?
the mums is driving out on friday to drop off some lamps for me and pick up my 16 empty tubs and 3 ginormous suitcases for storage.  until then, its a maze in my very small living room.

frank has adjusted very well to the new apartment sans roommates.  since its about 78-82 all the time even with windows open, he is regular size instead of his winter fluffy, and prances around following me wherever i go.  that is, when he's not rolling around on the carpet or sitting on high places. 
or snoring for 20 hours a day.  i think he turned old all of a sudden.  but he'll be 5 in march so its about time he calmed down...


  1. lol! Fun game. :) Frank is just as handsome as can be!!!

  2. thanks! he's lucky he's so adorable..

    i spent new years at a friend's house with a maine coon cat. when i got home i was like ahhh frank youre so little!!!


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