Sunday, January 29, 2012

2nd to last

so i bought this lovely bundle of polyester for i think...$1.99[?] during my last thrift store excursion.  this is the second to last piece.. and the last one is seriously hurting my brain.  it may just become a scarf.  anywho, the top was sheer 3/4 length sleeves with sheer pleats on top over a nasty stained white one-piece thing attached to a weird-length skirt. 
super close up pleats

while finishing [ack!] the last netflix streaming season of torchwood [which reinforced my fear of children], i picked apart pretty much every seam in that lovely dress.  then i took the skirt in about 2" on each side to make a-very-nearly-hoochie-short strapless dress and ..well frankly there wasnt enough fabric to add elastic at the top.  def need that extra 2".
since id ripped the sleeves off, i ended up keeping the neckline of the original dress, cutting straight flaps down the front and back, then sewing it onto the strapless thing.  voila! 

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