Thursday, January 5, 2012

$18.54 for a shoe rack?

after pinning this:

i thought.. damnit thats what i need!  so i bought 5 1' lengths of crown moulding for $1.44 a foot, some overpriced metallic paint and a brush [$11.34] that i ..surely will use at some other point, and got to it. 
let me tell you.  paint + dinner curry + clean laundry = weird ass smells in the apartment.

i also marked out some lines on the wall and waited for the paint to dry.  exciting no?
unfortunately the army corps of engineers built my apartment complex back in the 60's.  the walls im pretty sure are made out of some mixture of metal sheeting and concrete cos they are hard as fuck to do anything to.  hanging things over the past week i have bent about 20 nails and dulled my drill bits.  smashed thumbnail, cracked crown moulding and i persevered, and i bashed in 5 rows of newly painted shoe holders. 
second bummer... apparently i dont have hooker heels.  about half of my shoes dont stay on the wall as the angle isnt quite right.  they have tapered heels which makes for comfy actually wearable shoes.  or they have <2" heel and immediately fall onto the floor.  but i fit 10 pairs on the wall and will have to buy another pocket hanger for the other 8. 
moral of the story:  ummm if you have normal walls and stilettos, probably a worthwhile project.  otherwise, dont bother.


  1. looks so cool :D

  2. thanks! you'll have to come see it in person!


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