Saturday, January 28, 2012

sewing catch up

excessively tight-waisted big-hipped wool skirt from the last thrift-store trip.  cropped, sides taken in, zipper removed and resewn, peplum added.  it is green.  i swear.  not brown. 
danaah!  i know my hair looks all kinds of wack.  im ok with it.  but after i took these pics i rehemmed the lining of the skirt.  no longer sticking out just slightly.
and of course the ubiquitous mens-shirt-sewing-project.  another rather successful attempt if i do say so myself.

11 annoying little bows later..
sans most of the collar [its sort of a mandarin now] and taken in about 2" on each side.

and a 3rd project that wasnt the one i was intending... a thrifted jacket that i bought ..sometime.  the sleeves were pretty much made for a child.  unrolled they barely reached that bone that sticks out on the side of my wrist.  rolled...well they were about the diameter of my wrist.  not so great on the meaty part of the arm.  so i did what i absolutely ABHOR.  hand sewing.  bleeeh. 
well obvi the little visible stitches on the lining are on the machine.  but i had to unpick the lining from the cordury and then sew each layer separately, fold and pin the lining, and then tuck the lining under the little bitty cuff and hand sew.  fortunately i have a lot of torchwood/mad men/being human to watch.  cos that shit is time consuming.  and the lining was torn in a bunch of places so OCD made me sew those up too.
unfortunately, the jacket is around "vintage" as soon as i tried it on again the fragile lining tore ...right where id fixed it.  hell.

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