Sunday, January 8, 2012

the apartment!

after some debate, this is what we came up with for my livingroom arrangement.  based soley on the room plan from my apartment complex's website.  i didnt think to measure when i saw the apartment and they are all just a tad different anyway.

it turned out pretty damn close.

now there were some slight difference in my bedroom the placement of my closet.  but i shifted things around a bit. 
and some of the jewelry had to go in the hallway.  but it very nicely covers the fact that um... it turns out the $8 mirror is glass not plastic.  and when i drilled a hole and then crammed a screw in the top it cracked just the tiniest bit.  

i also have a bathroom.
yes that is a window in the shower.  army corp of engineers.  apparently didnt understand the concept of mold in the 1960s.  fortunately i am quite the handy with contact paper.  and target sells fancy schmancy printed contact paper. 

the itty bitty kitchen that i can barely cram all my cooking accoutrements into. 
the wire shelf is probably the wobbliest thing i own... so heavy stuff is on the bottom and i tried to balance the rest.  
i did end up putting my sewing table in the kitchen as a makeshift counter, which is a bit odd.. but whatever.  its not nearly as odd as my pile-o-tables next to the fridge... what started out as a storage place for tables while we were unloading the truck has become a rather craptastic semi-permanent shelving unit for my really heavy cooking things-ie mixer and crock pot.  and other assorted stuff.  someday i will buy a sturdy shelf.  not holding my breath.


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