Monday, January 16, 2012

advice for life

...just in case you are a lazy launderer [moron] like me:


an hour later, the sweater is pretty much salvaged.  ill just wear it with a white scarf next time and blame the scarf.  and maybe not wash it until after a couple wears... but in my defense, i wore it on moving day.  comfiest thing ever to move in-sweater dress, leggings, flip flops [it snowed then too...hush] but stairs + hauling things around my apartment + 85 degree apartment = probably needed a wash.  plus i didnt wash the sweater after i bought it.  sooo first wash = big fail. 

on a totally different topic, here is the view from my kitchen door thought.  theres a cute little cookie cutter neighborhood behind my apartment complex that i can sneak peeks into.  esp with the snow it looks very quintessential new england!

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