Saturday, January 28, 2012

the seamless pledge

i, liz, being of sound mind and empty checking account, am taking the seamless pledge until i find a full-time engineering job.

i will not buy new clothes [even at target/tjmaxx] except undies
i will continue to thift-and-sew ...but not until have worked through my inventory stockpile a bit more
i will probably not buy vintage as i cannot afford that ish
i will continue to attempt sewing with patterns.  i will also find more pattern-ready tissue paper for making my own [successful?] patterns
i will join the flickr group and post regularly

since my job prospects are on most uncertain terms...this pledge may last longer than i hope.  but lets just say it started january 1st and i cheated once.  but really...i didnt yet know what i was planning to do.  so estimated duration... january-march? 

The Seamless Pledge

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