Wednesday, January 18, 2012

thrift 'n' sew

welp, the first three items i will be keeping as-is.  no sewing.  i thought about removing the shoulder pads from both blazers... and about 20 seconds later decided the linings were basically 100% intact and any attempt to deconstruct would surely result in disaster.
the left one is most certainly purple.  not burgundy/wine like the pic shows.  and the right one is a nice forest green.  or is it jungle green?  i could never remember which crayon was which.
and an oversized sequin top from coldwater creek.  the ultimate in not-my-generation wear.  but it has sequins.  subtle yet sparkly.  to be worn with leggings.

and now a long sleeve black lace shirt.  not exactly comfy material, but surprisingly easy to sew, which came in handy when i chopped off the sleeves, took in an inch on each side, readjusted the armscye, added a boob-dart, and reattached the sleeves.  all with minimal pain and suffering.  [click to enlarge]

and a very paisley silk shirt with mini ruffles at the collar and sleeves.  i thought about cutting the bottom off into a 90's style cropped shirt but decided for now just to tie it.  the sleeves are a bit poofy-pirate, but it fits pretty well with the print..

welp you cant really tell that i did anything with this skirt... its a size small and *just* fits.  barely.  i think it was designed to be a hip-height skirt, but if i wear it at my waist and dont breathe its fine.  i folded the bottom hem 3 times and resewed.  its now just-below-knee length instead of mid calf..and frankly needs to be ironed.  bahh.
aaand thats half the purchases i made at goodwill yesterday after my pseudo interview.  well it was a real interview. but not for an open position.  "informative" is what i requested.  and it did give me some good details about the company and hopefully put me in a self-motivated well-qualified quite-hireable light. 

but since im still unemployed... i guess ill go sew some more.

linking up to erica's recycled fashion finds!


  1. sometime i need you to go thrifting with me. the end.

  2. there are a bunch of savers stores in boston... perhaps ill come down for a day trip some time when its not snowing every other day. and you shall try on everything i pick out. no arguments.


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