Wednesday, January 11, 2012

silk shirt crop

according to the blog archive, i bought this shirt in october.  and i didnt get a decent pic of it then cos i was already considering re-donating it.  welp clearly i didnt and tonight finally got around to refashioning it into something wearable.  [i bought it cos its green silk and im a sucker.]  and yes two projects in one night cos im unemployed and going out of my effing mind.
step one: lay shirt out flat and take blurry picture
step two: cut off sleeves and bottom.  find similar shirt and trace neckline badly.  cut anyway.
step three: use towel and stove as makeshift ironing board to press bottom and sleeve hems, make crappy crappy bias tape for neckline and struggle for an inordinate amount of time.



  1. I love the commentary. :)

    I'll have to try this on some thrifted shirts. :)

  2. hahh thanks. lots of random thoughts crop up and i feel i must share with whoever is reading.

    relatively easy fix, but if you use a similar shirt for neckline and length etc it saves a lot of trying on/taking off/trying on with awkward pins everywhere

  3. Cute refashion! The green silk is beautiful.

  4. thanks! i bought it soley for the silk. and it fit as as a button down but was just boring.


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