Sunday, October 9, 2011

goodwill trip

so far within the past 30 days i have been to 3 different thrift stores.  my hands down favorite-savers, selden thrift, and a goodwill "super store" i happened to find on my way home from kickboxing.  besides the top in the previous post, i bought several others and a couple dresses.
the frank nesting in my clothes while i removed tags
oddly flattering house dress from unknown japanese brand
 semi-sheer floral dress with ruffles and bottom pintuck.

click for more

shark-bite tank top with double straps and subtly iridescent fabric
a 70's top with large and itty bitty polka dots [click to enlarge].  love the ruffles

i bought this with the intention of chopping it off and making it a tea or knee length dress as it was about 2 inches above my ankle.  after washing i tried it on again, only to realize it had a hand-sewn hidden hem.   i ripped that mother out and...perfecto!  i may sew the removable straps on permanently as they fall out every other minute and the dress is a bit heavy for strapless.
and the piece de resistance... a talbots [??!] maxi dress with cherries.  and it fits PERFECTLY.  i waffled over this dress for about 10 minutes.  my running thought processes:
for $ i need a dress with cherries?  where else am i going to find a full length fitted dress that fits so well?  when did talbots ever make something not incredibly dowdy?  am i frumpy for even trying this on?  should i hack off the bottom 20 inches?  can i make a maxi skirt out of it?  what about the top?  where the hell am i going to wear this?  cherries?  am i turning into a cracked out betsy johnson?  
clearly in the end..i bought it.

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  1. i love the cherry one! and more frankers please :) i want to see him more!

  2. def should put up more pics of frank. i miss that terror.... but not the allergies :(

    also, the cherry dress is pretty awesome. you're only a little bit frumpy. mostly angry. :)

  3. ill try and get some more of him doing crazy flips. today he tripped over my slipper and squeaked. weirdest cat ever.

  4. angry? who?

    the default commenting icon is kitten frank! hes getting old :(

  5. you rocked that thrift lady:) woo hoo!

  6. thanks! sometimes it takes me hours..but i pore over every single rack in the store.. and usually find some awesome stuff!


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