Wednesday, October 19, 2011

oyster fest

every year the town of oyster bay [specifically the village] throws a 2 day event appropriately named oyster fest.  here are the gritty details:

200,000 people
30 food stands
90 craft stands
tall ships
free transport from LIRR stations

after 4 years in long island i FINALLY made it to oyster fest.  and it was amazing.
the fairway full of screaming children
a mozza-repa.  2 arepas with mozz in the middle.  DELECTABLE. 
pickle on a stick..  i also ate a steak sandwich, 1 1/2 ears of corn, and some pumpkin ravioli.  no oysters.  do. not. like.

the ferris wheel again cos i like the colors
oyster bay
a shitload of people.  and amurrica
horseshoe crab [alive] legs

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