Sunday, October 2, 2011

selden thrift

my thrifting ladies and i failed at planning a trip to savers, so selden thrift had to be substituted.  much grubbier, higher prices [many quite unreasonable], less selection, and a little sketch.  but its a thrift store.  im just spoiled.  my haul:
green striped blanket, hand-woven in mexico
a close up.  and i do have the kodachrome setting on my camera pretty much standard... so no, it isnt really that bright.  kind of a jungle green actually.  but i liked the shot. 
a furry bolero vest i plan to wear over normal every-day clothes to school.  or work.  just cos i can.
a shiny red men's shirt, soon to be made into a skirt [cos i really need more..]
an also shiny blue women's dress.  not a bathrobe/nightgown/trainwreck like i originally thought. 
see that polyestery close up?  there will be a brief photo essay on how i hacked the dress apart.  ridiculously easy really.

also, i procured a lace curtain and did stuff with it.

linking up to erica's recycled fashion finds!

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