Sunday, October 16, 2011

food, sparkles, and dye

what else do you need, i mean really? 

first: curry night!  i made roti to go with roommate's curry dish since none of us wanted to go to the store and buy naan.  i used these recipes for roti and self-rising flour.  i was a bit worried about the cooking process, but the end product was delectable. a little misshapen and i didn't add enough flour to coat for the second rest and a bunch of pieces formed the large blob you see on top. 
to make the curry, have on hand chicken, potato, indian spice paste, yellow curry powder, and guyanan roommate.  cook, take blurry picture in all the excitement, and gorge.

next on the magical mystery tour we have...
sparkle spikes for some kind of wreath thing, feathers
other sparkle spikes, and a mask. add hot glue... and voila!
halloween mask
and butterfly wings!  i still havent figured out quite how to attach them, but i think it will involve removing the felt i glued on the back and attaching a flap of cardboard..  we'll see.

last: the trials and tribulations of dying clothes. 

heres what i attempted to dye:
  • green and white [dingy] dress from honduras
  • white and black thrifted skirt
  • aqua used-to-be-maxi-dress that i chopped into knee length
  • a $5 macys skirt that matches with..nothing
  • 2 h&m bras
  • pink bunny scarf
heres the result:  the scarf is pretty much impossible to dye and after trying to dye it green previously and blue time.. nada.  i tried an ombre dye on the former maxi dress but ended up dumping it into the rinse cycle too soon.  the frilly purple skirt is now more iridescent purpleish with dark in the middle.  a bit easier to match...we'll see if i manage to wear it though.  the bras and the wool skirt turned out quiet well ..and a tea towel was sacrificed to clean up but it turned out rather nicely as well.


  1. Looks like a tasty meal that you had. I like cooking with curry powder - especially with chicken. I love the color of the butterfly wings and the end result of the things you dyed. Pretty colors! Happy Comment Love Day!

  2. thanks for visiting the blog! green used to be my big color, but im thinking blue/turquoise is quickly becoming the color du jour

  3. The mask is so fun! Looking forward to the final costume!!

  4. thanks! hopefully this year i will actually get a full picture of my costume. last year i had to comb facebook for a not-blurry pic


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