Sunday, October 9, 2011

white and blue thrifted top

this top was $4.99 at goodwill and the retro print caught my eye.  it has the unfortunately named "pussy bow" necktie which was my sole purpose for buying.  and yes it is a size ginormous.

i chopped off the sleeves, took in the sides about 4" on each, and resewed the sleeves with an adorable pouf on the top..only to realize i had forgotten to allow for the large shoulders.  i unpicked the sleeves, recut the arm holes, and then resewed the sleeves.  the sleeves were still too long so i folded up the cuff and overstitched.  done.  and yes, the bottom still buttons with plenty of room, but i think it looks better as a jacket than a shirt.  not quite fitted enough and not enough patience to fit it properly into a shirt. 
a kitty outtake.  hallo?  is the camera still on? 
this is a pretty decent pic too but if you look closely, the blur at the bottom is from curious kitty ears.  oh well.

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  1. Saw this on project recycle. Glad to meet a new blogger for a change. Love this jacket and the kitty outtake. I have a few of those myself!

  2. thanks amy! my curious/attention-whore kitty is forever causing drama, and he loves it

  3. I love that you refashioned this yourself. Everytime I see bloggers doing this, I wish I could sew. Love the bow detail. And the cat is too funny. My cat is camera shy. I'm always trying to get her to pose but she's just not into it!

  4. thanks for checking out the blog meagan! sewing is relatively easy. i recommend starting with skirts as theyre usually just 2 rectangles with elastic on top

  5. "...i think it looks better as a jacket than a shirt."

    Agree. It really looks better. Love the way you changed it from being a big one to a fitted outfit. Great job!

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