Monday, March 7, 2011

what a thrift store should look like

savers in patchogue!  check that shit out.  organized by style, size, and color.  brightly lit, clean shiny floors, no scary skeezy corners in which to lose children.  and the book section is frikkin amazing.  ..but thrift store are akin to health food stores.  all health food stores EVERYWHERE smell the same.  ditto thrift stores.

savers long island: medford and patchogue locations
  • selection: vast
  • store: clean and bright
  • pricing: not quite goodwill but reasonable [ie not $15 for a crappy used tshirt]
  • supports: big brothers big sisters
and just fyi.  the patchogue location is about 10 minutes from the pondpath target in case anyone wants to take a trip back and use my 30% off coupon!
scarf total: $7
the green with yellow flowers is oblong like a regular winter scarf, while the other 3 are square.  after washing just now the quarter folds didnt quite come out... but i guess thats why jesus invented the ironing board.  hopefully i dont melt anything by mistake.  and the red one does say christian dior.. for $.99?  it smelled like old lady so it may in fact be legit designer.  but i love the itty bitty paisley border.  i could explain how it is actually a simplified fractal pattern.. but no one cares.  honest. 
clothes total: $27
the blue sweater is massively oversized and perfect to wear with leggings.  the floral thing likewise is a lane bryant xxl racer back tanktop that is about tunic-sized.  i knotted the straps and with a cami or bandeau underneath is ready for long island spring to arrive.  the other 3 pieces are skirts.  green: polyester faux silk.  blue: wool blend.  red: wool/poly blend.  of course being "vintage" style the green and blue skirts [size 10] are going to need some alterations.  ie elastic waistband about 2" further down than the existing waistband.  the red skirt is a 14 and fits comfortably at the hip.

and i found a 2-tier dessert/sandwich/fruit/veggie plate for $7!  frosted/patterned glass with silver tone metal pieces instead of the usual tack brass!  perfect for our party on saturday!  heres hoping it comes apart for easy storage..

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