Sunday, March 20, 2011

assorted sundry things

i saw sunday morning mimosa on st pats!  perhaps not sundry.. more like frikkin awesome!  the best part was probably the little mermaid song and a re-imagining of suddenly seymour [suddenly vinnie] from little shop of horrors!
umm apparently the world is ending in 2 months.  good thing i will be done with spring semester by then!

lastly, who needs a lapdesk when you've got a cat?  not nearly as cute as this site, but much more functional. 

in other news, i seem to have developed a rather bad allergy to red wine.  as the daughter of a doctor and an occasional cybercondriac, i googled "red wine + congestion" and found i have the unusual facial flush [aka asian glow] and severe nasal congestion described on more than a few seemingly legitimate sites.  i have been pretty much unable to breathe for the past 4 hours after consuming less than a full glass of shiraz [i was both driving and dining with extended family].  if i experienced this horribly drippy feeling every time i drank even an isty bit.. i would be a sad teetotaler all the way with no booze cake! 

also, the face burning feeling is not so great.  fortunately i dont get it from white wine or beer or gin or..anything else.  and this definitely isnt a 1-time occurrence.  the last few times it happened i thought OH GOD IM GETTING SICK RIGHT BEFORE _______ [insert important event here-finals, christmas, hosting a party].  but i dont really get sick.  so its decided.  no more red wine.  even if its psychosomatic and i am feeding off the internet self-diagnosis frenzy. 

i dont even really like red.  but at least now i sort of have an excuse. 


  1. daaaw, that's cute of frank. and a cute site.

    what's this about you getting the Glow? what?? how odd.

  2. after im done being sick i will have to test my hypothesis by drinking copious amounts of white wine. and perhaps a rose. but no more red. and i can't afford an allergist on my crappy non GA health insurance. wahh.


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