Wednesday, March 30, 2011

tiny happys

i recently found a kiwi blog called tiny happy.  its all about crafts, sewing, and pretty stuff.  here are some random pictures that made me happy
needs a bumper sticker that reads "platypus is my co-pilot"
click to view adorable drawings.  plus i frikkin love olives
forsythia bush about to burst into color
3 pound bag of salad for $5
my homemade produce bags even though the checkout girl made fun of me in spanish cos she thought i couldnt understand..
gorgeous blackberries from mexico


  1. Hi Liz and greetings from California. My name is Mario and I wanted to stop by, visit your blog and say thanks for adding me on FB.
    I love the concept of your blog. Thanks for bring Happy in many forms.
    I write a blog about Food. Recipes. Relationships. Sometimes vice versa. Please stop by and visit. Comment. Maybe Follow. Thanks.

  2. thanks for visiting the blog!


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