Sunday, March 27, 2011

sewing and story time

before going to work and after working on some homework i fixed 2 skirts
chopped off 9" of fabric and took in the poofy hippy sides a bit
chopped off 7", removed the waistband, and sewed together the slit
polyester fabric.  woo.  and size 10 my arse.  but it turned out pretty decently in the end.

and now: story time.  so typical long island.  the owner of the restaurant has a son.  he is 23 and works at a car dealership.  apparently he can talk his way in or out of anything.  a coworker closed one of his sales and the son threatened to punch out the guy next time it happened.  welp it happened again and the son told the guy to stand up so people wouldnt think he hit a sitting guy.  the guy stood up, the son punched him in the face, and knocked the guy out.  what happened to the son?  well now he's general manager of the dealership.  cos in LI if you have balls and you show them...we pretend its 1950 and machismo still reigns.  woooooo.

edit 12am:  i finished the blue skirt tonight also.  i took out the waistband and the lining unfortunately but it is heavy enough fabric i think to avoid the dreaded squirrel crotch smuggling look.  basically, the [again "vintage" sizing] waistband was painfully tight when i got it zipped for the first picture.  the wool/acrylic fabric is a little stretchy so now its a wee bit too big... but i may or may not deal with that later.  i kept the length cos i liked how it flares out a little at the bottom and added some black lace ive been hoarding for about a year.


  1. the black lace addition is genius!! instant snazziness.

  2. i am in love with the green skirt. if you ever get tired of it, please send to kt.

  3. I love the shortened lengths of the skirts! I'm probably going to take your advice and shorten mine as well! :)

    - Meanz (Koi Story)

  4. kt: errr i think the skirt might be a bit big for you. remind me and i'll bring it in april for you to try

  5. k: thanks! idk if you noticed, but i'm wearing all black with all 3 skirts!

  6. meanz: i'm sure your mom being a seamstress will have better advice than i can give online but like in carpentry.. measure 2x, cut once. have fun!


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