Sunday, March 6, 2011

first [and last] commisioned piece

request:  tunic length piece with floral pattern a la emilio pucci for petite pregnant daughter of friend

result:  weeeeell..
unfortunately i procrastinated this project for a bit too long and this is the result.  if i attempt a 2-piece thing like this again... extra fabric would be a big help instead of using a remnant.  also, instead of trying to stretch-stitch in elastic, i will opt for a tube type waistband where the elastic is fed in like a drawstring.  anywho.  the fabric i had on hand matched surprisingly well and with the little floral print i had left i made a matching belt to cover up puckers.  to further complicate matters, i have never met the daughter and i dont have her measurements..but she is "about the same size" as her mother.  ie..teeny tiny.  and i have absolutely no knowledge of maternity clothes.  so this is my best attempt.

[i included a free matching bracelet to try and reduce personal embarrassment.]

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