Wednesday, March 23, 2011


went to savers AGAIN.  2.5 hours later i had a new convert.  but really, who doesnt like shopping with me.  seriously.
$25 with a 30% off coupon.  cos who takes advantage of a coupon at a thrift store?  a poor college kid.  moi.  the camel kenneth cole coat came out to $7 and was the same style i was eyeing last year... at $75.  the burgundy pile there is a men's jacket which is labeled "distinctively marsh's of huntington, ny" as it turns out, the store is there and it may or may not be a vintage jacket.  hard to tell seeing as reviews say men's coats are upwards to $500.  but i look like a failed hipster or the newest member of the warblers.  picture someday.

but i also bought 2 middle aged lady dresses and fixed 'em up, marissa style
new subtle bubble-hem no cutting or serging required!
talbots [size 6?] dress with shortened sleeves and length.  total time: 20 minutes

i also saw the most terrifying sweater ever.  [in]appropriate for all seasons!  although the month of may looks a bit like a tank "upcycled" into a flowerpot...


  1. I too love great deals at thrift stores. And the fact that I'm less likely to see everyone and their cousin in the same outfit.

  2. Hey good shoot!! love the transformation.

    x Milla

  3. khola: i doubt you'll ever see anyone in that calendar sweater... atleast i hope not.

    milla: thanks for the follow! enjoy my posts!


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