Saturday, March 5, 2011

muffins and veges

raspberries plus cornmeal
equals muffins!
from a library muffin cookbook
leftover yolks makes the saddest mini-omelet ever
while i now disagree with the raspberries-on-top-method and will be chopping them next time...
sweet and savory makes a delicious muffin!

i also bought random greens cos they looked pretty.  the middle one is red dandelion greens.  way more effort than theyre worth.  i will be sticking to red chard.  but on another note, i did make some pretty delicious mashed parsnips and broccoli soup minus the onion and celery step... mostly i just boiled broc pieces in broth with garlic and shallots, pureed that shit, and added half and half.  delish.

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