Tuesday, March 1, 2011

brown is the color of the day

ive been thinking about cutting this dress short.  its actually a maxi dress but.. ive worn it as such maybe twice.  the second time being this same day cos i took a nap and pants = not for napping.  maybe i'll make a skirt out of the extra fabric... someday.  when i have time.
  • cardigan: ann taylor loft
  • dress: target
  • belt: h&m
  • cords: gap
this was sunday i think.  same pants from the day before and sweatshirt from earlier in the week.  cos sometimes i do wear clothes over.  and hideous striped pink slippers.  it was homework day.  jeez.
  • sweatshirt: ck
  • tank: h&m
  • cords: gap
  • slippers: victoria's secret [free with a dress.  and better than one of those damn dogs]
and same colors as yesterday..
  • shirt: glassons
  • skirt: boden [thrifted and resewn]
  • boots: impo via dsw

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