Thursday, March 31, 2011

liz's laundry

i wore this to school and [after chauffeuring a friend there and back] to the subsequent philosophy department recruitment party.  now i have a good number of friends and acquaintances in the philosophy department and it is the same building as my department.  that said, i always feel more than a bit intimidated and out of place when discussion delves further into the divine comedy or the republic than we covered in honors english... and i was more than a bit oddly dressed for the crowd.  but we had wine and laughs and i heard some horror stories about teaching 200+ freshmen and weird facts about the building we share on campus.
  • cardi: ny&co
  • dress/shirt: urban outfitters
  • skirt: h&m
  • subtly python leggings: ny&co
  • turquoise heels: kenneth cole
i picked up a few pairs of these fab feet cushions at target the other day and they are frikkin awesome!  they are for under the ball of your foot where i usually get nasty friction blisters.  mostly cos my shoes are too big [i lost weight!] but i have 5 pairs of identical kenneth cole heels [black, burgundy, silver/snakeskin, turquoise strappy, and green strappy] i am not willing to give up.  ever.  this is a [$3?] cheap fix for cheapy mccheaperson [me] and i will now be stocking up on squishy foot insole thingies.

this outfit was about the 5th thing i put on this morning.  you can see 2 pairs of pants behind me [and a satan cat] but there were dresses, leggings, and a sweater.  unfortunately it was about 35 and rainy all day so except for my snazzy matching h&m wool coat i would have frozen my ass off.  and i was asked why so dressy?  well kids, its a tshirt and skirt with frilly socks.  not all that dressy.  minus the overly shiny heels..
  • shirt: body c
  • skirt: target
  • frilly black socks: sock dreams
  • bronze snakeskin heels: target

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