Saturday, March 26, 2011

post-equinox crap

welp kids, its officially spring.  so why when i was leaving campus the other night was there ice pellet lightning??!  i have heard of thunder-snow.  never seen it.. but it was about 30, freezing rain/chunks and i could swear i was hallucinating, but there was frikkin lightning!
taken from inside my car as the ice was defrosting from amidst my hairs.  this pic isnt as focused as i thought originally.  if only i had a new canon...  ::hint::  but despite the ice pellets and subsequent snow the tulips and daffodils are bravely continuing their emergence from the nasty frozen ground.  i weeded the bed along the fence and [thankfully] avoided any caches of stray cat shit.  when things bloom, expect the motherlode of pictures.  just like last year.


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  2. hahah this is every day in sweden

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