Wednesday, March 9, 2011

dilly cheese muffins

another frikkin awesome recipe from light muffins!  click to zoom in for extra frikkin awesomeness.
mmm dill.  who cares if its stuck in your teeth.  ITS DELICIOUS.  plus cottage cheese that bakes up all crispy on top and gooey in the middle!

and thanks blogger for sucking at links lately.  they are supposed to link elsewhere..not back to blogger.  which i mistyped globber.  apropos.  and be sure to check out the new tab at the top-handmade stuff.  i thought about calling it "shit i made" ..but decided otherwise.  i will also be linking a picasa album with other stuff that can quickly be added to the page for purchasing.


  1. send me the recipe por favor?

  2. im gonna scan in some of the recipes after my midterm. ill send you a pdf!


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