Monday, March 14, 2011

party highlights

prior to daylight savings time ending, the sun set shortly after i took this [at 5pm]
idk if its just a ny migrant worker thing, but i think its frikkin awesome home depot has bilingual caution/danger tape.  amazon didnt when i was price comparing. 
frank was not only intrigued by the taping process as it unfolded..
but was also adamant about investigating our dead outlines afterward
fluted frosting-honey beer spice cake.  flat frosting-bourbon pumpkin spice cake.  both topped with bourbon cream cheese frosting and both very similar to carrot cake without the orange crap.  and all atop my $7 cake plate!
poorly sited location for rum mocha brownies and pb rice krispie treats.  the background of spice rack, fruit, and teakettle detracts from the awesomeness of using a cupcake tree for snacks.  but they were highly regarded.  so oh well.

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