Monday, January 16, 2012

dress to tunic

remember this dress refashion?  almost a year ago.  aaaand im finally getting to the second one.  most people would have trashed it long ago.  but remember, im a horder-in-training.
again, awkwardly too short for a maxi dress, inconvenient ruching

so i chopped that shit off.  and used the sleeves from a shirt bought this savers trip to make a belt

then i decided...yea thats kind of crap.  so i busted out my new minature ironing board, cut open one of the sleeves, and then read the instructions for interfacing for...way too long. 

iron iron iron

aaand since i use my kitchen counter as an ironing/sewing/serging station...i used pan lids and the bottom of my immersion blending jar as circle templates.  then proceeded to cut out way more circles than i needed.  [confused artistic vision]
and voila.  pseudo peter pan collar tunic with a bow and..circles.  a little weird.  but much improved no?

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