Tuesday, January 3, 2012

welcome to portland

not portlandia.  and not oregon. 
i can see russia from my house!  i mean.. the cove from outside my apartment.  there is a small sliver from my kitchen window, but mostly it just overlooks the neighbor's house
i live upstairs in a 4 unit semi-attached building
from the cove you can see downtown portland.  i'll try and take a pic at night cos its all cute and lit up.  but its 20 degrees and windy now.  no more 50 degree sunny days like last week.  damnit.

there will be interior pics when i get things more organized.  but i have to say.. 2 weeks of obsessively organized packing paid off.  both in loading/unloading the truck and unpacking.  after 1 full day of unpacking i was about 90% done..and now i just have pics to put up and random drawer/bin things of bathroom/office supplies to sort and put away! 

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