Monday, January 23, 2012

simple sewing with gaudy prints

thrifted 90's dress.  weird mid-calf length [people call it midi.. but i call it fixable] and size large.  but really really big large.
my fix: took in an inch on each side, increased two of the back darts, and pinned the straps for a semi-princess top.  i may sew the straps eventually, but for the probable two wears that this dress will get, blingy pins are fine.  [one is a spider, the other is a skull]

and next we have a grown-up version of a dress i would have worn for easter [voluntarily?] when i was 5.  but i was not a size 7 when i was young.  nor am i now. 
so i went about hacking off the bottom half and added an elastic waistband.  worn with the ubiquitous florals/stripes pattern mixing and my homemade petticoat.  though just for an "after" picture.  not quite at the leaving the house in mixed-patterns-stage yet.  perhaps when i have somewhere to go...

the first pic the white balance is way off and the first macro makes it look blue.  ...but its a green silk paisley.  i cut off the waistband [and sadly..the pockets] and added an elastic waist.  even though its too dark to tell in the after pic..
i have 5[ish] pieces left from this thift store visit.  two are 75% done and one i have cut apart and now have absolutely no idea what to do.  the 4th one actually consists of 3 paisley ties [continuing the gaudy print theme by far] and may end up as part of the final product for one of the in-progress pieces.  piece 5... yea idk. 

stay tuned.  dont change that channel.  cos i have nothing to do tomorrow until 8pm dinner... so expect sewing progress!

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