Tuesday, January 3, 2012


the manhattan bridge.  connecting chinatown and vinegar hill.  aka dumbo.  which was explained to me as down-under-mahnattan-bridge-overpass.  not glamorous in either sense.  but whatever. 
all bright and sun-lit in 15 degree weather and high winds
god forbid anyone should try and access the footing for the brooklyn bridge.  razor wire yo.
the brooklyn bridge.  the other suspension bridge connecting chinatown and dumbo.  why build another bridge right next to it?  eeeh idk. 
view from the bridge [under construction] and the itty bitty statue of liberty
looks like a beginning art class.  "ok kids, these are perspective lines.  they all reach a vanishing point, can you tell where it is?  no?  then you should probably be in a gym class."

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