Saturday, January 21, 2012

the ravioli experience

aka: im not as smart as i look and that ole learning curve is steep

so i asked for and received a ravioli rolling pin for christmas.  probably tops our family's list of "weird shit requested for xmas".  and thus the test of my patience and yen for ravioli began.

round 1: schmear ricotta/egg filling on one half, press rolling pin down, and cut.
result: massive fail.
the filling kept the top half from sticking and it was just a big blob of goo and anger.

round 2: portion little spoonfuls of ricotta as recommended in directions
result: semi-fail.
filling was a bit too generous and oozed out the sides.  they boiled up decently..but lost about half filling and made really disgusting cheesy water.

round 3: itty bitty spoonfuls of ricotta on a tiny leftover piece of pasta dough
result: success! 
and tasty.

round 4: ricotta, spinach, parm, pepper filling
result: success!

and with cashew pesto.  amazing.  done and done.


  1. homemade ravioli is the bestest. I want some now.

  2. it was pretty damn amazing if i do say so myself. and even my best friend from school who doesnt venture far beyond chicken casear salads liked the raviolis!

    thanks for being my newest follow!!


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