Monday, July 16, 2012

1 sorbetto, 2 sorbetto, 3 sorbetto...

negative on the 4.  and none of them were legit 100% follow-the-directions sorbettos
first one - tunic length, buttons down the back, no front pleat, no bias tape.  the fabric was a crazy 80s shirt from the swap.  i kept the bottom hems [lazy] and since they didnt quite line up i added a 2" slit on both sides.  its definitely long enough to wear with leggings but since its 100% polyester ..its not exactly sweltering summer wear. 

second one - flowy top made from the skirt of the hideous dress you see below.  purchased during my last crazy thrift store run.  again, no front pleat on the sorbetto and no bias tape.  the skirt itself was pieced on the bias so it may prove to be a bit too swingy for a decent top.  its also apparently a bit sheer for a turquoise bra.  oops.
i still have the top part [i cut off the collar and the inner bubble lining] but its too small for me to wear.  it will probably languish in the scrap pile for awhile. 
the last one was a partial fail.  it was from a may thrifting haul and since it is legit silk i was scared to iron it.  the darts are low cos silk is slick as shit and... i dont actually have a sewing table.  i use a cutting mat on the floor [carpet] and kind of crawl my way around it with a pair of scissors or a rotary blade.  im sure its hilarious to see so im glad i have a 2nd floor apartment.  then again for a complex with 200+ apartments... i rarely see neighbors.  but i digress.  the sides are pretty sloppily cut, the shoulders are wonky, and i was too lazy to remove the pocket.  in hindsight i def should have atleast removed the button on the pocket...  but it will be fine under a blazer so im not too concerned.  it generally ended as it was supposed to - ie it is no longer a large men's short sleeve shirt.  sorbetto sans front pleat and bias tape.

i dont mind making bias tape from 100% cotton cos i can iron the crap out of it and not worry about melting.  any other fabric... ever.  notsomuch.  but my rolled hems are definitely improving and the sorbetto cut is generous enough that it all turns out gravy.

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