Wednesday, July 11, 2012

reading about kitty freezer pops

not nearly as terrible as it sounds.  i just am drawing a blank on appropriate titles. 
i dropped 3 books off at the library and ..checked out 3 more.  my bedside table is getting a little overwhelmed.  over half of them are from the thrift store.  and ive taken to removing the dust jackets on used books.  i personally think the pressed binding looks quite a bit better and really, after being bashed about at someones house and then in a donation bin, the dust jacket is usually in quite bad condition.  ...also it makes the rather crappy reader's digest books i found for $1 each look all sophisticated and shit. 

obviously ive known for awhile that frank has tactile preferences.  and by preferences i mean.. issues.  while checking emails i turned around to see him sleeping on the one clean item on my entire bed.  not just my regular sheets [they werent fresh out of the dryer so.. no good] and not my beach romper, though he did sniff at it for quite awhile.  no.  he slept on my clean shirt on top of a pile of tissue paper.  then when i was cooking dinner he made his way into the living room to snuggle down on a plastic bag.  not the couch covered in pillows, not even his usual window where he can smell the world.  the crinkly plastic bag on the floor.  and be sure he crinkled it open so his whole self would fit on it.  bug eyed little menace.

after some internal debate and much review perusing, i finally bought popsicle molds!  now i can make all the popsicles i've pinned...  and some day i will figure out how the hell to better embed pins.  too lazy now so theyre all just in a column.

Source: via Liz on Pinterest

Source: via Liz on Pinterest


  1. at first, i thought you were going to make pops for frank. that would've been amusing. also, that pic of him on the bag is hilarious.

  2. i had a party last night. frank wandered around looking adorably bug eyed and biting people..


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