Tuesday, July 10, 2012

baking with berries

first off.  patriotic jam.  better late than never eh?  blueberries, sugar, rhubarb, and a bit of pectin.

makin a sauce, checkin it twice.  bubbling the crap out of it.  ..and then dumping it in two itty bitty jars
and thats freezer [fridge] jam.  voila.
sweet potato muffins with strudel topping [no berries involved here].  frankly rather underwhelming.  and much more hassle than theyre worth.  and i even had the sweet potato precooked..

but the crowning glory of the night - blueberry muffins!  fresh picked blueberries and the "to die for" recipe.  pretty damn excellent.  i was too lazy to do two strusels and i had a bit of miss-measuring with the muffin portions.  but it worked out in the end.

extreme close up.


  1. mmmmmmmmmmmm!!

  2. they were pretty damn good. and i shared them at work. i apparently cant remember i live alone. 2 dozen muffins...


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