Sunday, July 29, 2012

goodwilly goodness

i decided to take a self-rewarding trip to goodwill after work one night.  not cos i really did anything in particular to deserve it...  but ive been doing better at staying within my budget, finishing more little sewing projects, and not complaining about work.  so damnit i earned it.  anyway.  [click on any pic to enlarge but since they were taken on my phone, be forewarned they may be blurry]
a gaudy ribbon shirt that may become a pencil skirt, a liz claiborne [sucker for those] dress with awesome paisley print, a polyester skater dress, a silk top that will be cut apart and somehow those epaulet straps will remain.  still thinking about that one.

daisy cherry top to be made sleeveless, a pretty sweet dress/tunic/thing from h&m, a tailored shirt that fits very well but is.. pastel and floral, a seersucker skirt that i will be cropping, and a cute tank from ae that has a hole i didnt notice.  mending shall commence.
a handmade poly maxi dress with 60's style back button detail and yep, another crazy patterned liz claiborne dress that will become a top and a skirt
slightly sheer pintucked front blouse [to be de-sleeved], a colorblocked dress that is waiting to be shortened once it finishes air drying, a size 20 silk dress with full back zip and lining that i will resize, and a slightly mannish plaid shirt that i really liked.  im sure i can girly it up somehow with an oh-so-work-appropriate tulle skirt or something...
so before washing everything i cut off tags and shoulder pads.  i debated a bit about whether or not to save the shoulder pads - the hoarder in me said of course!  its so wasteful just to throw them away.  the pragmatist in me said never going to use them and theyre just going to take up space.  ...theyre in the trash.
an $.89 pouch that will hold my phone, keys, chapstick, gum, and powder quite nicely once i figure out how to clean it.  windex works on plastic right?
and some books i picked up.  two slightly creepy sounding novels, and a 1926 edition of galahad. 
as i was removing the library dust cover on goodnight, nebraska, i found this letter press stamp on the front cover.

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