Sunday, July 1, 2012

downton-esque dresses

two floral dresses in the same color scheme.  and similar decades i guess.  kind of an updated downton/gatsby feel.  on the left - basically a hack-and-slash resewing of a dress i grabbed during my latest insane goodwill trip.  on the right - a dress i made from 5 1/2 ridiculous yards of fabric.  thats right.  16.5' feet of fabric strewn about my apartment.  fighting a cat, breezes from the fan, incredible humidity, and impatience. 

[apparently i got a wee bit burned today cos all but the first pic are from 2 days ago..]
i used another crazy cheap new look pattern.  now...apparently my off-the-rack size 10/12 translates to a 16/18 in sewing patterns... except when there is an insane amount of extra ease... and then its way too large in the torso and shoulders.  but a couple little shoulder pleats and two petticoats do wonders. 
a close up of the zipper [getting better and better!] and one of 4 skirt pleats ..and my oh-so-flattering side view.  idk what im looking at.  checking if my crinolines are showing?  
all serged inside seams and the back view
worn without petticoats underneath for a more.. everyday/work appropriate outfit.

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