Sunday, July 15, 2012

cake partay

if youve ever wondered how to bake and decorate a cake in 95 degree heat...
urrm best advice is dont bother.  the cake turned out fine [champagne white cake if you must know] and managed to only heat my apartment by ... 5 degrees maybe?  but frosting.  oh the frosting. liquid butter [aka room temp] does not make for frosting success.  i added extra butter and about 7 cups of powdered sugar, and ended up refrigerating the now doubled batch of frosting for an hour before i even bothered attempting to frost the cake. 

unfortunately there is no photographic evidence of the finished product.  it was a resounding success minus the sickeningly sweet frosting which..melted off while we were eating.  and let me add, a 2 layer cake feeds 15 people quite well.  with only a few second helpings. 

happy belated birthday ashley!

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