Monday, July 30, 2012

spinach pesto and zucchini olive cheddar bread

mmmm dinner.

i found a "quick bread" recipe in one of my many uncountable cookbooks and since i had grated zucchini, half a can of olives, and some grated cheese on hand i mushed it all together.  the dough looked like badly scrambled eggs but the end product.  oh god.  amazing.  could have used some *ahem* bacon.  slightly crispy on the outside, warm and squishy on inside with just barely detectable crunchy bites of zucc and olive
bready close up
prewashed basil!  aka... it was raining.  i made pesto yet again.  this time with fresh spinach instead of arugula and i have to say... the arugula was better.  though this time i used almonds and actually took the time to fully chop the leaves in the processor. i suppose it helped i wasnt quite on the verge of hypoglycemic cataclysmic failure just yet.
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  1. looks tasty! maybe i can get the recipe :)

  2. the bread is joy of cooking - i can send you a copy


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