Wednesday, July 25, 2012

bluegrass pyrex

i was perusing the aisles of goodwill when my momma called.  after quick coordination/confirmation of times for their overnight stay before flying out of boston she mentioned she was still on the search for 9" plates.  smaller plates allow you to eat less and feel fuller.  eyes brain stomach connection blah blah.  apparently whoever tested this theory never thought of getting up for a second plate.  but i digress.

according to pyrex love's pattern guide, these are bluegrass patterned.  and according to the rest of the internets...not all that rare.  but i found 2 sets of 4 for $5 each.  so suck on that ebay.
i also felt the need to compare the plate turquoise to my assorted "cool colors" set of reusable straws from target.  perfect match.  eeehxcellent. 

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