Wednesday, July 25, 2012

more assorted things

evening pics from two different nights

books from a church rummage sale: nam-a-rama, the onion eaters, the master and margarita, a long way down, soul kitchen
double layer daylilies in shade and sun
pretty pansies and choco babies.  the first time i saw chocobabies was in japan.  i was 13.  they had little happy faces in them.  another childhood memory dashed.
last but certainly not least, my new [used] $3 punch bowl with a ladle, cups, and cup hooks.  it was $6 but apparently the rummage sale was 50% off after a certain time.  eeeexcellent.  i was going to buy
another generic glass punch bowl at goodwill for $10.  granted i lack the space to store either, but it was calling to me in the way that only cheap [heavy] impulse buys can.


  1. Oooh I haven't had choco babies in forever! Though I don't remember them having smileys.

  2. i didnt buy them... i remember them being a bit waxy. but adorable. now if they had had botan rice candy there i would have bought the shit out of that candy.


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