Tuesday, July 17, 2012

paper flower garland

i decided to try making some paper peonies based on a pin from rebecca caridad's blog manzanita.  and they were a success... except i didnt have any strong enough wire to make stems.  and a trip to the craft store ends in certain overspending. 

a friend recommended using string or hemp and tying the flowers together in an oversized daisy chain type thing.  again success!
even with a certain someone "helping"
apparently there was good stuff in the ole nose
basically i just braided 3 strands of hemp together and strung on a flower every now and then.  originally i tried to stab holes through the base of the flowers, but way too many layers of tissue paper and not enough sharp needle with big eyes.  instead i used a yarn embroidery needle and squished the thread through the middle of the flower, under the wire and between the layers.  cake.  continue braiding and fight the cat.
final product.  i forgot to send it home with the birthday girl.  fortunately she lives 3 blocks away.

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