Sunday, July 8, 2012

sebago lake state park

4th of july was spent eating vietnamese food [with a friend's entire extended family] on a beach in the woods surrounding a lake.  that makes little to no sense.  i know.  google maps places it here ..and on the drive in i was responsible for announcing the google maps directions from someone's phone gps.  having never been to sebago before, i followed the exact directions which took us around the west side of the lake.  the scenic way.  which took twice as long but was adorable and we found some potential future camping sites, complete with beach access, toilets, and fried food shacks. 

but long story short, up heaah in maine we do beaches differently.  yes there are nice beaches on the ocean.  sebago lake though, is the cleanest lake i have ever been to.  despite the hordes of grilling families, the sand was clean, the water was clean, and even the bathrooms were relatively clean. 
and to think.  we almost didnt go cos it was quite cloudy at 9am.  also, despite being the frigid north, the water was definitely swimable and the 85 degree sun was just about perfect.

after the lake adventure i went home to shower, do laundry, and make dinner.  nothing says all-american like vietnamese lunch, followed by greek pasta salad and lentil dhal dinner.  fireworks were postponed due to storms and ...the pics i got really arent worth posting.

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