Sunday, June 24, 2012


i ventured into goodwill yesterday.  in search of nothing in particular.  yet i made quite the haul.   and the nice lady at the checkout [after it was decided lines were subject to impatient anarchy.  ie line jumping.  assholes.  i waited my turn.]  offered me a goodwill discount card.  $10 for 10% off for a year.  it already paid for itself so you can do the math on how much i spent. 
jackets and blazers and tigers oh my.  no really.  clockwise from top left: denim blazer, faux velour LLbean blazer, nautical striped blazer, cape-like cropped apartment 9 jacket, and slightly ridonculous cropped tiger jacket.

unfortunately this dress has seen better days.  there are 2 little holes [cig ash burns?] and a slight rip in the the back.  but i love the faux tie neckline and the fit.  so i will repair it best i can and wear it anyway.
a white crochet tunic [that sat in a bowl of dye for an hour on saturday], a horrifying dress with adorable bow print, and a i <3 ronson top with ...surprise surpise, polka dots.
now these are two things that intrigue me.  a tacky "vintage" [or actually?] hawaiian travel print made into a hi-low dress/faux wrap skirt.  citron brand.  you should be ashamed of yourself.  and a 2-piece silk skirt [that is amazing] and a ruffly top.  a bit of overkill if you ask me.  they will never be worn together.  ever.  ever.
handmade maxidress with front pleats and full skirt
old navy cords, tramp tunic, ck pants, old navy button up
faux wrapdress in the exact same cut as the purple/brown one, a twee green floral print, a much too small pink and blue rose tunic thing with weird extra loops of fabric, and a printed sweater.
books, picnic recipe cards, scarves, and old man suspenders
aaand finally a vase for the oversized silk flowers i picked up at michaels 3 weeks ago and some additional mixing bowls.


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  1. Ah so much good stuff here, my eyes hurt!! Great thrifting!

  2. thanks! i have to say.. thank god for the phone app that lets me combine pics in one image. otherwise that would have been posted over weeks probably.


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