Saturday, June 23, 2012

the swap

shortly after taking this series of pictures...the hook fell off the back of my door.  apparently severe humidity + command hooks = failure

a couple weeks ago i attended the SWAPmaine ...swap at the flea for all.  the flea is portland's new flea market and is full of handmade/vintage/random stuff but is well curated.  unlike the typical flea market filled with horder's crap haphazardly piled about.  i have considered setting up a booth but the rental costs and 6 week commitment are a bit out of my league at the moment.  regardless, i still like go browse a couple days a month [its every weekend sat and sun] and someday when i have a real job i will buy things.

anywho.  i took in 3 bags of stuff i had set aside to donate.  since it was sponsored by goodwill, anything remaining after the swap was being donated.  so it saved me the temptation of going to goodwill to donate...and possibly spend too much money.  but i picked out 4 things - two ready to wear, and two that will be future sewing projects.

an h&m skull skirt [cos who doesnt need one] and a men's sweatshirt that i really liked.  its lined in some kind of satin print and has a wee hole that i can quickly mend.  ...since its been 90 recently, the sweatshirt has gone into my winter storagebin.

aaand some overly bright stuff: a david bitton buffalo tank top and a retro/vintage/80's whatever the hell you want to call it florescent floral top.

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