Sunday, June 24, 2012

the book you didnt know you needed

literary greats paper dolls.  bought for me by my mom from the library book sale.  why would you get rid of this book??  it is full of amazing.  most of the authors on the front are recognizable by a non-english major [aka moi] but the very first as it turns out, is ernest hemingway - the old man and the sea.

agatha christie as poirot, sir wilfred roberts, and miss marple.  the bronte sisters as agnes grey, edward rochester, and heathcliff

and lest you think paper dolls are for the ladies only...
poe in the murders in the rue morgue, the masque of the red death, and of course the raven.  also orwell as the ministry of truth from 1984, a uniform from the spanish civil war [which he fought in?], and the ubiquitous animal farm.

all authors are preceded by a famous quote of theirs or from their well-known work, and followed by a blank page.  that way you could actually cut them out and play paper doll dress up if you were so inclined. 

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