Thursday, May 10, 2012

ridiculous goodwill spree

the neutrals:
semi wooly mixed animal print dress, white tee, talbots and anne klein pants

the brights:
very retro dress that i will be de-sleeving, a silky top, an overly bright skirt to shorten, and a 70s homemade dress that has a hole in it.  ...i may cut off the bottom and make a ruffle instead.  still deciding.

the detail shots:
crazy collared shirt, weird floral/3d rectangle print skirt

the miscellaneous:
maurices vest, dress from kohls, a plus size tunic [i think its supposed to be a tight shirt?  idk.  that would be weird], and a silk shirt just like mummy used to have.  it will also be de-sleeved shortly.
two men's shirts to play with - one in a sweet decorative stripe, the green one is silk, and a brightly colored layered skirt.

i also picked up some bowls, a cookbook, 2 mystery books, and a vinyl hanging luggage piece.  for all the traveling i ...dont do.  but the hanging clothes/luggage/case thing i have now was accidentally donated by a roommate of who knows when...and is basically falling apart.  when i moved it held my coats.  as it turns out, 10 coats in a suitcase[ish] are ridiculously heavy. 


  1. Wow, I am loving all the florals! What an amazing haul, congratulations!

  2. thanks! i am definitely embracing the floral trend wholeheartedly

  3. I love a good thrift store haul. Looks like you got some good stuff. The skirt with the blue, fuschia, and yellow flowers is my favorite.

  4. thanks! i almost didnt get it cos the yellow and fuschia are basically dayglo.. but its nearly summer so i caved

  5. That wrap dress, the vest, that blouse! Love!!!! We did some damage too...haha


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  6. thanks! and thanks for hosting the linkup!


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