Wednesday, May 30, 2012

old lady past-times

last week i bought plants at the farmer's market in blatant disregard for my apartment management's policy forbidding things on the back stairs - it is a fire hazard.  an over-the-rail planter is most definitely a fire hazard..wait what?  mind you.  this is the "emergency escape" that is awkwardly narrow and made of wood.  thats right.  wood.  which.. burns?  in fires?  oh.  but its from the 50's.  so its been treated with all kinds of horrible carcinogens which will emerge whilst undergoing chemical change - ie flaming.  but i digress. 

exactly 7 days later look at my friggin plants!!
2 thai basil and 6 regular [a little crowded i know..]
thyme, sage, and 4 rosemarys.  no parsley.  sorry garfunkel.

these three lovelies brought to you by my massive goodwill spree.  happy face brought to you by... idk.  indigestion?  general ire?  humidity?  cat scratch fever?  im not sure how i feel about the 70's polyester cloud redo.  its a little ridic.  but i got rid of that pesky hole.

and lastly a skirt that has been lurking for some time.  i wasnt sure how hemming would affect the pleats, and in short...they were murdered.  but now its a little more flowey.  and i'll actually wear it so thats really all that matters. 

also, i paired it with my first [poor] attempt at the colette patterns sorbetto top.  i used some kind of [surprisingly melty] polyester fabric i bought god knows when and havent used as it is rather sheer and a pain in the ass to work with.  mind you when i tried to iron the center completely flattened the crinkle in the fabric and was permanent through a wash and dry.  i also managed to melt some bias tape with the iron before i realized... yea - that aint cotton. 

anywho.  once i find the right fabric i will attempt the sorbetto again.  ive seen no less than 30 successful attempts on other sewy bloggers.  i will make it happen because goddamnit i can sew a dress with gathers, pockets, and a zipper.  but not a simple 2 piece top with no closures?  it will be successful.  or i'll be really really angry.

the end.

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