Sunday, May 20, 2012

new sewing stuffs

i thrifted this a last month even though its a smidge too small across the chest.  obviously not cos i have ginormous boobs.  its just a smaller size.  but i liked the color and the rest of the dress.  anywho.  i cut about an inch off the sleeves, a good 8" from the skirt, and removed the lapels from the collar. 

i also removed the sleeves from this top thrifted back in february [apparently].  as with most button-down shirts it just wasnt quite right and removal of the sleeves allows it to fit better without pulling across the back.  i pretty much am not built to wear pants or store bought tailored shirts. 

sewing projects in the queue:
mixed prints for the pencil skirt, light teal floral for the full skirt [5 effing yards]
possibly a short sleeved version from the dark blue [might make the piecing together a bit easier than the weird straps] and i bought a matching zipper this time.  if i can find a coordinating fabric in my overflowing stash i might make the color blocked sleeveless version out of the paisley print.  can you tell i dont really like sleeves?  right to bare arms and what not.
i will attempt the collar and giant button with the green geometric fabric, and the two cutesy ones... idk.  but they called to me.  buuuuuyyy meeeeee.  the popsicles i think would make very nice facing and pocket linings... and do i need a giraffe skirt?  very possibly...


  1. i absolutely love the colorful shirt/black skirt outfit. totally kt office style. the up-do finishes it so nicely.

  2. hahh i think that was the day it was so humid i had to pin my hair down. most people pin their hair up...


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