Thursday, May 3, 2012

liz's laundry

not gonna lie.  the neck scarf made me feel a bit flight attendanty and the big wooly sweater didnt seem very work appropriate.  so i actually wore the outfit on the right. 
  • blazer, wooly sweater, neck scarf: thrifted
  • floral top: marshalls
  • skirt: kohls
  • tights and heeled oxfords: target
  • tank: old navy
the shoes!  pretty much all heels should be 2".  comfortable, walkable, and pretty timeless.  especially with faux oxford lace ups.  yay target clearance shoes!
  • cropped blazer and necklace: target
  • pants and tank: h&m
  • tunic/dress: forever 21
  • skirt: target
  • leggings: uniqlo
  • giant coral earrings: kohls
kind of a boring outfit i know.  but so comfy.  like wearing pjs to work.  
  • blazer: thrifted [same one as the first pic]
  • tank: tj maxx
  • flowy maxi skirt: glassons [nz]
  • black trench and shoes: kenneth cole outlet
  • dress: thrifted
  • tights: target [matchy match with the shoes.  whatevs]
  • curious kitty: hell

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